Tray #2 Tray #2 detail
Tray #2 (adjustable storage), 2023. Blouses, gouache, airbrush ink, plywood, timber, gimp pins. 1237 x 850 x 45mm

double Rory
Untitled ('Rory'), 2023. Watercolour, gouache, inkjet print, shirts, airbrush ink, paper. 552 x 764 mm


piece by piece
Griselda Pollock slide

Instants in Withdrawing, 2023
Zoom talk, 20 minutes, Research Forum, Drawing Room, London
A series of pulled flatbed scans are proposed as drawings, which companion a fragmented monologue on John Berger's essay and TV programme about a coffin drawing he made of his father, experiences of looking after my mother, and texts by Claudia Rankine, Griselda Pollock, and Lisa Baraitser on what comes of looking on and looking after the dead.

Rame pages
Score for Sleep Residency with Submarines,
Plymouth, Devon + Rame Projects, Cornwall, 2022


Extracts from Ill-Things, an ongoing study in degenerating eyesight, mothering, dreams, and indeterminacy.


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